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Cres Eyerly

Cres Eyerly

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03/09/10 09:20 PM #1    

Eric J. (Rick) Cohen

Cres was a wonderful, compassionate classmate. Bright, energetic, thoughtful. I saw him after our Paly years and he was spinning down into depression. Truly a sad loss.
Rick Cohen

03/12/10 11:43 AM #2    

Margaret A. Barnes

Cres was a wonderful gifted human being, kind and generous well beyond a typical teenager. He was outgoing and gregarious it seemed to me that he was friends with everyone. I know he was a friend of mine.

03/13/10 03:14 PM #3    

Terry Allen (Beck)

Cres lived down the street from us and we attended school together starting in our Crescent Park years. I remember riding bikes with him at Eleanor Park, climbing trees to an unused treehouse in Betsy and Nancy Bauer's yard and both of us coming down with horrible cases of poison oak the next day. Cres was the only elementary school kid I knew who was driven to be the very best, kindest, friendliest guy around. I, as a tall, gawky teen at Jordan Junior High, was profusely thankful that Cres, a head shorter at the time, always asked me to dance at those noon sock hops.
As someone said in one of our first reunion commentaries, he was the brightest and the best of us, and I miss him still. Terry

03/22/10 05:00 PM #4    

Debra J. Stewart (Bonde)

I knew Cres from the time I was born. He lived just down the block. Our parents were good friends, and so were we. I even have a picture of him giving me a kiss on his front porch when we were about 2 or 3! He was so kind and intelligent. Yes, one of our best and brightest. His death left a huge hole in my heart and in our world.

04/27/10 11:46 AM #5    

Andrew L. Shrader

 I was shocked and saddened when I heard about Cres passing.  I cannot begin to fathom the depth of his despair.  I didn't know Cres the way others did, but I knew he was one of the good guys.  Whenever and wherever our paths crossed at Paly - whether in sports, in the classroom, in the halls or amphitheater - Cres always treated me with dignity and respect.  I greatly appreciated this gesture on his part.  As I said, he was a good guy, and I know that he is missed.

07/15/10 07:17 PM #6    

Liz Walton (Hanneman)

Cres and I were "May Day" King and Queen in Kindergarten at Crescent Park. He and his mom asked me to come over for lunch and I didn't want to, but my mom made me. Turns out it wasn't all that bad to go to a boy's house. I don't think I did it again until my sophomore year of High School. I was very sad to hear that he had died, he was a very smart and gifted guy. He always had that wonderful Cres grin on his face, he definitely made an impact on me. Liz Walton 

08/23/10 02:57 AM #7    

Steve Sevilla

Cres —Such a lovely guy —Zero airs and nary an unkind word spoken —With that engaging smile and enthusiasm, he lifted all of us —I wish I knew he was troubled for I most surely would have reached out —Some other whenever —In a different time of knowing, our time will come again...

08/23/10 08:26 PM #8    

John Sevey

Cres was a classmate in elementary school at Crescent Park. We were all friends with Cres and were in Cub Scouts together. Gary Dahl, Gregg McMichael, Craig Hofstetter, John Goldberg, we all hung at his house at times and his Mom would make us feel so comfortable and safe. Cres was a super student, always on task and making good grades. Me, not so good a student and certainly not often on task. In sixth grade Mr. Lehner would send me out to run laps around the field when I would start to cause a ruckus. I wore a path around that field that was all mine. On the last day of sixth grade when I was sent to run, Cres raised his hand and asked if he could go run with me one time. I know it was in solidarity with a friend and I will always remember that run with my friend Cres.

06/16/16 04:31 PM #9    

Douglas Mountford

I weep every time I think about Cres - he was just that kind of man. Let's never let his memory be far from us, any who new him as I did.



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