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Still having issues with the photo uploads. I am able to upload from my phone, then edit on my PC. If you see photos on their side, it is because I have left the galleries live while I work on them. The other part not working correctly is attributing photos to the photographer. Friday evening is mostly fixed and I am working on the others. If you upload photos and don't see them, I can and will include them as I fix the issues. Thank you!!

50th Baylands Cafe
3 Galleries  7/2/22
50th Kilner's
3 Galleries  7/4/22
50th Paly
2 Galleries  7/2/22
Elementary School Photos
1 Gallery  8/14/10
Jordan Photos
1 Gallery  8/19/10
High School Photos
2 Galleries  10/20/14
Area Mini Reunions
1 Photo  
Committee Photos at Trader Vic's
6 Photos  7/12/10
Friday Night 40th Reunion
87 Photos  1/30/12
Saturday Night 40th
174 Photos  1/30/12
Sunday @ Paly 40th
138 Photos  6/22/15
45th Reunion Rosatti's
1 Gallery  9/22/15
45th Reunion Cindy's
2 Galleries  9/29/15