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Genevieve M. Goebel (White)

Genevieve M. Goebel (White)

Memorial found online:  Gigi was born in Phoenix, Arizona, January 29th, 1952 to Anna G. Ethington and Richard E. Goebel. She grew up in Palo Alto, attending - with some reluctance at times - Garland Elementary, Jordan Jr High, Palo Alto High School and Foothill Jr. College. During the 60s, she succumbed to Beatlemania and began a life-long love affair with England. She forged strong ties in that country, one of which turned into her first marriage. She married once more, later in life.
Before she passed away she was able to meet with an old flame, RIchard, during a visit to London.
She was passionate about quilting, costume making, and sewing and loved going in costume to Rennaisance Pleasure Faires. Halloween was her favorite holiday.

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03/12/10 11:38 AM #1    

Margaret A. Barnes

Gigi and I used to challenge the "totalitarian state" of Palo Alto High School by wearing tops that revealed our "bare midriffs". We would parade past the principal's office at lunch - invariably resulting in one or the other of us getting kicked out for the rest of the day! We were pretty smart cookies back then...

I wish I could have hugged her good bye

03/12/10 12:05 PM #2    

Cornelia Franz (Autrey)

Gigi/Genevieve and I meet back at Jordan Jr High School. We were 13 and yes, even back then she challengend the establishment. We stayed friends all these years - went to Foothill JC together; wore the same hot pants during the summer. Went on vacation to Hawaii the year before she moved to England "forever" (well not quite. Genevieve did return. She loved traveling and visiting her sister Gail in Japan.
And I miss her.

Love always - Cornelia

04/08/10 01:50 PM #3    

Kitty Whipple (Harrington)

I have fond memories of Gigi as well. I remember she and I and 2 other girls(sorry but I can't remember who they were!!!) used to get together after school when we were at Jordan and pretend we were the Beatles and lip sinc to their songs. I was always Paul. It was a real blast.
I wish I could see you again, Gigi and sing some Beatle songs with you...

08/15/10 05:17 AM #4    

Nancy Hays (Landford)


  You were my Idol, we wern't very close friends, but I remembered you had the bitchens cloths and rings, for many years after school I would wear rings on every finger and thumb, and would always think of you. Heres to you the most radical person I have ever known. Peace Love and Happiness. Nancy Hays Landford.

02/09/19 11:48 AM #5    

James R. Holland

Gigi, I knew you at Paly. I thought you were great. You used to talk about London and how you were going to move there. We got into converstations about how England was the place to go to live. Carnaby Street, mods, rockers and hippies. I admired your boldness, having the wherewithal to move to England. I miss you and our talks.

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