In Memory

David R. Hale

David R. Hale

David Charles Hale was born April 22, 1952 in Palo Alto, Ca. He died in Palo Alto on December 4, 1987 from melanoma. His mother, Eunice Sherman Hale, and his siblings: Christy Hale Apostolou (Paly 73), Jeff Hale (Paly 77), and John Hale (Paly 81), all survive Dave. His father, Harold Charles Hale died in April 2001.

Dave enjoyed debate. What could be better than a good argument? As kids we fiercely defended the dominance of our favorite colors. He liked green; I liked blue.
"There's more green than blue in the world." (Dave)
"All the sky is blue!" (me)
"Trees and plants are green."
"Water is blue."
"No, it's green."
"It is not."
"Is too."

From a young age Dave understood how things worked. I marveled watching my big brother transform tiny pieces of plastic into model cars using a little glue, metallic paint, some decals, and lots of patience. Before he even had a driver's license Dave began tinkering under the hood of real cars. He could fix anything. Dave worked for many years as a mechanic at Hengehold Trucks.

As a teen Dave covered his walls with psychedelic mini posters, took up drums and guitar, and started a band with friends. They practiced in the garage while our mother was at work. Dave stayed close with some of these friends throughout his life, often attending concerts together.

Dave loved to ride his bike to the beach, to Foothill Park, and all through the hills. He even brought his bike when visiting East coast relatives and rode throughout New York and New England. The sun at his back, the breeze through his hair, moving independently through the beautiful world--this made him happy. Dave was brave during the course of his illness. We caught a glimpse of his sadness the day he realized he would never ride his bike again.

-Christy Hale

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06/21/10 04:22 PM #1    

Rick Mann

Dave lived around the corner from me growing up and we did a blood Brothers ceremony as little kids. We spent a lot of time playing around the neighborhood, building forts and having dirt clod fights, we could circle the block through the backyards on the fences and trees without touching the ground. Later on he turned me on to the blues and rock ‘n roll. We had a lot of fun together and I’m sorry that he’s gone.

08/09/10 04:35 PM #2    

Alan Day

Dave and I were close friends for years, Jr. High, High School and beyond. We worked together at Hengehold Motors, (truck rentals and sales), for several years. He was basically unremarkable but he was honest and true. He was one of the good ones.

08/20/10 02:58 PM #3    

Harry McNeill

  We used to walk across the street in to Stanford and kind of improv and Dave used to take on a character we called Goofy.  He would bring us to our knees with laughter.  He had such a generous spirit and truly cared about people.  I am fortunate to get to spend time with him, although not as long as I would like.


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