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Jeff Kewman

Jeff Kewman

Jeff, through his battle with drug abuse ended up on the streets of San Jose. His siblings made numerous attempts and got him into rehab, only to find out that Jeff didn't stay. He was discovered on the streets in San Jose around 2007.

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04/24/10 12:25 AM #1    

Gregg Selby

We were grammar school buddies, and friends through high school - Jeff was the first kid I met in PA, when I moved there in 2nd grade.  He lived five doors down the street.  I must say he was the devil that sat on my left shoulder for much of that time.  He helped himself to my folks cigs, introduced me to several forms of intoxicants, got me started surfing, dragged me to parties in Santa Cruz, and introduced me to many of my best friends and my worst influences.  Jeff had some deep pain and he tried to kill it with substance abuse and a wide range of risky behavior.  Our paths parted as I went off to college and he started circling in the eddy of his life in PA. 

06/14/10 12:56 PM #2    

Peggy M. Lee

God Bless you Jeff. We had fun in school. And we did party. I'm so sorry that continue for you. I've thought of you, but didn't know.

I hope your peaceful now.

Sincerey, Peggy Lee

06/21/10 11:14 PM #3    

Bill Helms


Rest in peace. I know your life wasn't always peaceful.

 I learned from my sister Diane, class off 1973 when she went to her 35th reunion and talked to Jeff's sister Wendy  that Jeff had passed away.

   Jeff was one of my best friends in Garland, Jordan and Paly.  I can remember him knocking on my window to wake me up at 11AM in the summer so we could hang out. Swimming at my house, getting in trouble.  Hanging out at Jordan during the summers. Going surfing in Santa Cruz. Grinding down surfboards in his backyard (I still can remember the incredible  itching  from sanding the fiberglass).Skateboarding all over Jordan. Doing things that I can't talk about because the statute of limitations may still apply. We stayed in contact for 20+ years. I gave him a job one winter and he came to Truckee and worked with myself.  We  went X-mas tree cutting up to Gold Lakes that winter with Myself, my x, her girlfriend and Jeff all in the front seat of my Dodge Power Wagon.  Chained up on all four wheels, and a snow plow on the front of my pick up we found the perfect trees where others didn't dare to search, and we had a great time, and didn't get stuck in the snow.  

   Jeff called me the day before his wedding to be his best man. He was driving to South Lake Tahoe and knew there were 24 hour wedding chapels that didn't require a 3 day wait period to get a wedding license as is required in California.

I saw him and his new bride a few months later where they lived in Modesto. His marriage didn't last long.   I would hear from him about once a month.  He was still surfing and hanging out at  'Mavericks' in Half Moon Bay. The calls stopped about 15 years ago and I presumed something had happened to him.  I hope that the last years of his life were as good as the years I spent with him. 

06/04/15 03:08 PM #4    

John D. Loftus

Greg Selby and Bill Helms have it right about Jeff. I met him in 7th grade at Jordan. Jeff seemed the most connected and friendliest guy.  He was smart,funny and out going. Then the pain Greg and Bill mentioned seemed to take over. He had great potential and could probably have been successful in any thing he wanted to be. He gave me alot of laughs , sometimes at inappropriate times, but all the more funny for it. John Loftus

06/05/15 08:01 AM #5    

Martha E. Morgan

I met you along time ago in school and I'm sorry to hear about your passing, I just found out in our

Paly newsletter that we get. I hope you rest in peace and the pain is gone.


Martha Morgan



06/16/16 05:51 PM #6    

Douglas Mountford



I'm so sorry....



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