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Edward Lynch

Edward Lynch

Edward "Eddie" B. Lynch, who grew up in Palo Alto, died Feb. 1, 1996. A native of Carmel, he worked as a parts manager for Stanford BMW and also served in the Palo Alto Police Department Reserves for 17 years.

Ed had kidney disease from a very young age due to a poisonous spider bite. His largest ambition was to join the Air Force, but he was not eligible due to the disease. After removal of one kidney, the other one became diseased as well.  He was a non drinker for nearly two decades. Niki Kopenhaver


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03/09/10 07:26 PM #1    

Paul Currier

Eddy was a great Palo Alto Police Officer. I asked one of the Captains a few years back, what happened to Ed. That Officer told me that there was not much to say. Ed was a classic greaser. Funny, he served as a cop. (smile)

06/14/10 01:08 PM #2    

Peggy M. Lee

Aloha Eddie,

Boy do I rememeber you. We did so much kidding around in school and in class. I rememeber u has a crash on me,bu we became good freinds instead. U were seet and kind to me. I'm sorry that your no longer with us. I have thought about in the passing.

God Bless Eddie

Peggy Lee

07/15/10 07:10 PM #3    

Liz Walton (Hanneman)

 I went to elementary school with "Eddie." He was somewhat of an...Eddie Haskell to the teachers. He was almost always in trouble. One of my most vivid memories was being on traffic patrol, (remember the red sweaters and the yellow hats?), when I would try to do my job and direct traffic he would always do the opposite of what he was supposed to. I know he did it to bother me, because he always had the cutest grin on his face, while I was yelling at him to stop. He really was a nice guy and I know he would have flattened anyone who bothered me. One time he came to school with a switch blade, so I also wondered how he became a cop. Liz Walton

08/01/10 05:50 PM #4    

Susan A. Vecsey

I very well remember Eddie Lynch from Paly, He was in my english class. I remember him and the gang he ran with.  Eddie was always friendly to me'.   Eddie, you served your community, with great honor and  respect. Being and doing the work of an officer in law enforcement takes a very special type of person.  God Bless you Eddie, you are a very special angle of mine.  You are loved and missed.    Your former classmate, Susan A. Vecsey......

08/15/10 05:43 AM #5    

Nancy Hays (Landford)

I probably remember you more than anyone other than my sister (Linda Hays). I thought you two were always joined at the hip. Linda was very very sad, and even cried when she found out you had passed, (Me Too). I will always remember and miss your humor, and all the help at my babysitting jobs, HA! HA!. And I will be forever greatful that when I drove off the side of the on ramp. And you came and towed me out for free. Love, Peace, and happiness. Nancy Hays Landford

08/23/10 10:08 PM #6    

Steve Sevilla

 Well said, Paul —And, kudos to you for resurrecting that term for, indeed, Eddie was a classic "Greaser" —That said, there always was a sweetness about the guy —Anybody that knew him, knew that —I feel fortunate to have had run across Eddie in his Palo Alto Cop days and had a lot of fun chattin' it up with him —And, yes, he was a very fine police officer, which is most assuredly a most amusing irony unto itself —Here's to you, Edward Lynch —Rest well, my Friend...

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