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Mark Ziolkowski




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03/12/10 02:19 PM #3    

Lynne E. Wolfinbarger (Romano)

I was lucky enough to play in a band called "Lochran" with Mark in the early 70's. He was truly one of the most talented guitar/song writers I've ever met. He could sit down and write 3 (REALLY GOOD) songs in one day. Mark had a certain zest for life, was always laughing and fun to be around. Sadly, life got the best of him. In Mark's own words "You should be happy to be alive and well". Mark, your music lives on....

03/22/10 04:42 PM #4    

Maggie McKaig

Mark was truly a one of a kind guy. He was so sweet, and I loved singing along with him. We had a lot of fun times together, and I've frequently thought about him over the years, and a couple of times tried to find him. So it is very sad to realize he's been gone for so long...

03/23/10 09:34 AM #5    

Gary Stutz

Mark and I were good friends. We met at Jordan. He was a drummer and I was a guitar player. Our band, Three Gems and a Jewell, with Leo Herrera and Spencer Jewell was named by his mother. He lived on Park Ave near Peers Park and I lived near the corner of Churchill and El Camino. We spent a lot of time getting stoned and playing Simon and Garfunkle songs. He was a talented guy who had his demons. I lost touch with him after graduation. He had dropped out and I went to Santa Cruz.

04/10/10 10:43 PM #6    

Barbara A. Blank

I spent short amounts of time with Mark in our 'after' years, passing moments of time, in not so wonderful places all the time- his smile and talents were the best, his quietness and what he didn't say was what got the better of him...I learned from that-
God Bless Mark... I remember his special smile....

04/12/10 05:46 AM #7    

Pete Keesling

We first met in gym when Mr. Takemoto was our teacher. Mr. T had a tough time with the name and Mark loved that. And he was always getting under Mr. T's skin. I can still hear the call that happened a lot, "Zukowski, you nukkahead. Go take a big lap." Then Mark would imitate him, just to make him more angry. Funny thing is, it didn't take long for the 2 of them to laugh together. Mark could make friends seemingly with everyone.

04/24/10 10:40 AM #8    

Charles D. Peck

Mark and I had a love/hate relationship.  I remember getting in my first "fist fight" with Mark.  I also remember laughing about it just a week later.  His ability to make me laugh will always be in my mind. 

07/27/10 02:48 AM #9    

Steve Sevilla

That first school year at Jordan, that of '64/'65, our complete schedule of classes was identical and, as we clicked pretty good, outside of the people I already knew from elementary school, Mark Ziolkowski was the first friend I made at Jr. High.

He was intelligent, fearless and a lot of fun —Ya know, I think we had an ongoing conversation for the whole 7th grade experience.  We'd have these long discussions about music; chattin' it up about gear (what else is new) —In those days it was all about Slingerland Drums for Mark and he always had their latest catalog —He was a great guy; a profoundly intuitive musician with mad skills —Post high school, from time to time we'd jam at my parent's house in Palo Alto and I have to say that our musical explorations were wildly inspiring and so much fun —We'd just lose ourselves in the music and time would fly by —Mark was such a lyrical guitarist —Passionate and melodically memorable —Real easy to connect with, artistically —I miss him...

08/28/10 01:23 PM #10    

Katherine Keller (Wilson)

 Mark!  One of my first passionate loves, was it age 12 or 13?  I always have fond memories of you.

"kathy keller"

10/18/10 10:56 AM #11    

Sarah McKenna (Broadbent)

Mark was a secret junior high crush. What a funny kid. I loved his sense of humor. He was always up to something! But of all the 'cut-ups', he was also extremely kind.

06/16/16 05:58 PM #12    

Douglas Mountford

Mark was more than kind to me in every way - what a loss.  what a loss for all the world.


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