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Nancy Christiansen

Nancy Christiansen

There was much talk at the 40th reunion of the day we all saw this or a similar article. Nancy was a beautiful person and her untimely death had a profound effect on so many. [We believe this may be the SF article, while most of us learned the sad news on the front page of the Palo Alto times.]

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08/20/10 11:44 AM #1    

Barbara A. Blank

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy............I miss her so, even now.....

Nancy and I were best friends for years- we grew up together, watched the Stones, the Beatles and watched Hullabaloo together. We ran around on Seale and Northampton....ate hamburgers at her mom's place, University Creamery, swam at my house, took her skiing with my mom and my brother to Dodge Ridge two years in a row, and then the summer before our ninth family had moved for the summer to an apartment and rented our house out for just three months.

That was in 1966-

Up to that point, I had only been to two funerals in my life, her father's, and then hers, and I never wanted to go to another one-

I still have dreams about her, and I must say, I think she is an angel in my life-

I will always miss her, as if it were yesterday- God Bless Ms. Nancy Christiansen!!

10/28/11 10:27 AM #2    

Kitty Whipple (Harrington)

Nancy and I were friends at Garland. I have pictures of her at my halloween birthday parties. We drifted apart after elementary school.

I remember hearing about her death in the halls at Jordan. I was so naive that I didn't even know people "did" drugs. Didn't know what cocaine was or even pot. I'm glad I lead the life I did.

What a waste of a young life, dear Nancy.  I hope you are resting in peace.


06/16/16 05:54 PM #3    

Douglas Mountford



You're still on my list of people I make the rounds on whenever I'm at Alta Mesa where your grave is, and I do try to keep it neat so you're never obscured from God's grace.






02/07/17 08:02 AM #4    

John S. Weaver

Now living in the Northwest, I also go by to pay respects to Nancy whenever I am at Alta Mesa Cemetery where my family members are buried. It looks so forgotten and I always trim the grass and clean up the site.  I delivered papers for the PA Times and will always remember opening the bundle with the headline on her death. 

I have some anger over those times.  In 9th grade science class not too long before her death, Nancy's sweater sleeves were accidentally up and I saw track marks on her arms.  I commented, "Nancy, are you ok?"  She quickly and nervously pulled down her sleeves and commented, "Oh! I have an incurable blood infection and I am ok if I take Penicillin shots every day!"  Naive as I was, I was reassured.  IF IF IF the School Administration had prioritized more drug education, I have long felt that I may have been able to intervene and save this beautiful California blonde, or at least have had a chance. As a dentist, I have repeatedly seen the ravages that drugs do to individuals and families and have helped many into interventions.... I was too late for Nancy.

Despite increases in the education arena, California's priorities on drug intervention and treatment are not really any better in reality these days.  In California, it is legal to sell "weed" but ILLEGAL to give out plastic bags!??  (despite paper bags having a carbon footprint 3.5 times plastic and (washable?) reusables being even worse). Decriminalization is a good step but People mostly still take a pass on effective policy.... on the way things really work in the real they can "feel good - like they are 'doing something!'"  Smoking is BAD, but legalizing another sedative hypnotic is…. 'progressive'…?  Marijuana IS a gateway drug IF you have the addictive genes or tendencies.  Denying that reality leads to more of the "Nancys" that I see in my practice.  But let's keep our heads in the sand.  Let’s be "open-minded".  Let’s not be "judgmental?"  And of course California...let's not lose the tax revenue - blood money.

This last weekend I laid my 97 year old Mom, Beth, next to my Dad at Alta Mesa.  As always, and this time with my good friend Dan Walker, we paid respects to Nancy and left a flower on her gravestone.  I have long ago said goodbye to my fear that I may have been able to help... but I will never forget her or the loss of someone so young and promising.  Rest peacefully now, Nancy, you are never forgotten. 

But how many more lives have to be wasted before those in government and society lucky enough to NOT have the addictive genes, risks, and the realities of addiction wake up and really give a sh*t!

Respectfully - John S. Weaver, DDS 

02/08/17 09:19 AM #5    

David Horne

I still remember Nancy. I used to skate at the winter club with Barbara & Nancy.  Her death was the first big shock I felt with the havoc that drugs caused our generation.  She was such a beautiful young gal with a sweat spirit.  What a sad loss that was. 

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