50th Reunion Planning

Greetings!! It is time to begin planning our 50th reunion. One of the first steps is to identify the venue and date, so everyone can begin making plans. We are REALLY hoping for a large turnout, so please respond to this survey asap and let us know how you would like to be involved and/or what input you would like to give.

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1)   * Please indicate your likelihood of attending the 50th reunion:

  Absolutely want to attend.
  Will attend those events that work within my schedule.
  No plans to attend.
2)   I would like to be involved in the following:

  Selecting the main event venue/date.
  I have access to a possible venue, please contact me.
  Planning the main event menu.
  Planning a Friday night event.
  Coordinating a mini-reunion for your elementary school (likely an afternoon event).
  Planning afternoon all school picnic.
  Help locate missing classmates.
  Host some committee meetings.
  Help with correspondence.
  Can't help at this time, maybe as we get closer.
3)   If you would be willing to help organize the event for your elementary school, please indicate which elementary school. We will need at least one volunteer per school.

4)   Please indicate dates of any inflexible conflicts you already have - we will do our best to avoid those dates.

5)   Other comments/questions: