Pete Keesling

Profile Updated: June 22, 2020
Residing In: San Martin, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Peg Keesling
Occupation: (Semi) Retired Veterinarian
Children: Sarah, born 1981 (Marc)
Mary, born 1982 (Rocky)
John, born 1986 (Michelle)

Went to UC Davis Veterinary School with Dave Horne and Dave Whippy but entered a year or 2 after them. Have lived in San Martin since 1979, raising 3 kids and numerous critters (including miniature horses, pigs, burros and a llama) with Peg (Los Altos High '69). Started San Martin Veterinary Hospital in 1982. Large and small animal....Santa Clara County Fair Vet for ~15 years. Taught Animal Health Tech at Hartnell Community College (Salinas) for 14 years. Media work (television, radio, internet, and newspaper) for past 31 years. Was staff veterinarian for, and had planned to neuter their sock puppet mascot, but plans were thwarted when they shut down operations and he got away (now a spokespuppet for some insurance company?).

Blessed with a healthy family and lots of things to do. Have served on multiple agencies in our area, including the local fire commission. Worked extensively with young people in 4-H, FFA, and other youth groups.

Still driving Volkswagens, same as Paly days. The video here shows me with my father's closest friend driving a 1943 VW Schwimmwagen into Lake Almanor.

Restoring old cars, old toys, and "gentleman" farming. In touch with Stalder, Yeaman, Fenz, Morgan and Plonski. Now renewing friendships with Busse, Kilner, Seedman, Ogle, Weigels and so many others. Good friends.

And following in the footsteps of many of you, we now have 6 grandchildren. Mary and Rocky have 3 little ones, (Chase, Ava, & Elyse). Sarah and Marc have 2, (Kate & James) . John and Michelle have little Samuel. We're a very lucky family....

School Story:

Palo Alto from grade 5 (Addison). Music-Dixieland Band playing Magoo's and Straw Hat and elsewhere. Symphony, Brass Choir, and others. At Jordan, we were voted the best Middle School Symphony in California in 1966 and traveled to Santa Barbara for a command performance.

Paly's whole music department traveled to Canada in 1970. The year before, the band and spirit groups went to Disneyland as the "guest-host band" for the Christmas Parade. What a talented group!

Turtle club. English Bulldogs. Palo Alto Times. Scouts. I had miserable basketball talent, worse golf. But found a nitch with the Fabulous Fuzzbergers and still keep in touch with Brylcreem Brad Fenz and Masticator Bill Morgan. Hope to see more of Rasslin' Russ Rector, Cussin' Curt Busse, and Wonderful Walt Plonski. And above all, looking forward to hearing everyone else's stories. Seeing what others have done....truly amazing.

Memorable teachers....Mr. Martin (Physics) and the harassment he endured. Ms. Walsh (English) who never figured out how we left class early through the window to the amphitheater. Mr. Petty who wouldn't admit that he liked the Playboy centerfold that "appeared" on the screen when he pulled it down to start class. Parker's first period math. Mr. Driscoll and his hi-energy teaching style ("Shut up back there!"). And that crazy Viking mascot.

At Jordan, Mr. Takemoto endured a lot but also dished it out ..."Keesling (said with a loud hissing sound), take a big lap". La Senora Bartley was bombed with spitwads that stuck to the ceiling for a few days, then dropped onto here beautifully styled hair(Clark, I think you were in on this one)! And Mr. Downs ("now as we...(long pause)... go along") was deadly accurate with his tennis ball and didn't tolerate any screwin' around. Costarella was....bizarre. Never forget Mr. Center and his enthusiasm, and Mr. Sperry with his paddle (did he ever use it?). We tried to sleep in Gidley's 7th period math class, but he wouldn't let us.

Other memories....noon sock hops, talent shows, all-night poker at Stalder's, loafers and smelly white socks, greasers (Turner, you left a grease drop next to your signature in my Jordan yearbook). Yeah, there were some interesting moments with a bunch of crazy people.....

Elementary Schools Attended:


Junior High School


Colleges Attended

U.C. Davis BS, MS, DVM

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-July 28, 2019-
Top row: Marc, Sarah, Rocky, Marty, Michelle, Sam, John
Bottom: James, me, Chase, Ava, Peg, Elyse, Kate
Posted: Aug 06, 2019 at 2:52 PM
Little Samuel Rodriguez Keesling ("Samo"), 10-2-2018.
Yup...he's almost always smiling...
Posted: Aug 04, 2017 at 9:55 AM
Our family has with 5 grandchildren...pure joy...
Posted: Jul 21, 2016 at 5:14 AM
John and Michelle...6/18/16 Family Photo
Posted: Jul 21, 2016 at 5:18 AM
Granddaughter Elyse Mae Cervantez...5/30/16
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Peg with our newest granddaughter, Kate Silva....
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Chase and Ava
Posted: Sep 01, 2015 at 6:11 AM
Sarah and Marc Silva May 2014
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 10:00 PM
Miss Bille Sarzin still living in Palo Alto and doing great! There are 17 members of the Paly Class of '70 in this picture!
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The Dukes of Dixieland of Dixie...Alex Tseng, Gordon Currier, Tim Noonan, Bob Orcutt, Danny Scher, and yours truly....
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Pete Keesling