Dan K. Walker

Profile Updated: August 16, 2010
Residing In: Oakhurst, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Sally Walker
Homepage: dan'sauto.com
Occupation: self employed
Children: Mark, born 1978
Keith and Matthew, born 1980
eight grandkids.
School Story:

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the very first Earth Day (April 22, 1970) coming up the 22nd of this month, I have to share one of the most memorable days at Paly. On that day, there was an all school assembly, in honor of Earth Day. Mr Mitchell the auto shop teacher was nice enough to allow me and some other classmates to miss the assembly and work in the auto shop. I was working on my '55 Chevy and was talked into uncapping the headers, (virtually no exhaust, like super loud), by Bruce Barron. He even talked me into blasting it down the road between the football field and the boy's gym where the assembly was going on. We wound out that small block Chevy both going and coming back by the gym. It sounded like we were at a drag strip. I can just imagine at that time, that there was most likely a guest speaker in the gym talking about all the noise polution there is and that we needed to do something about it :)

Well, when Bruce and I got back to the auto shop, there was Mr. Mitchell, Mayo as we liked to call him, staring at me and Bruce with beady eyes. He was standing at the large sliding door to the shop which was like a hanger type door. It was barely opened and there he was in his black suit, white shirt and black bow tie with a bunch of students looking from behind him trying to peer out and anticipate what was going to happen to Bruce Barron and me. It was quite a scene.

All I remember was Mr. Mitchell looking like smoke was coming out of his ears and him saying, "I NEVER want to see your car in this shop again!!!" It's a good thing it was April and only a few weeks until school was out.

Elementary Schools Attended:

Other: Willow in Menlo Park

Colleges Attended

De Anza Jr College, 1970-'73, Fresno State, 1973-'76.

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