Mark H. Hubbell

Profile Updated: February 15, 2021
Residing In: Salem, OR USA
Spouse/Partner: Deborah - married for 45+ years
Occupation: Northwest Area Director - Prison Fellowship
Children: Kathryn, born 1980
Nathan, born 1982
Amy, born 1990

After Paly I moved to Missoula, Montana to begin studies at the University of Montana. Origninally I planned to study forestry at Humboldt State. But there was a waiting list to get into Humboldt, so I opted for another outstanding forestry School at the University of Montana. Humboldt eventually sent me an acceptance letter in November -- two months after I'd started in Missoula. I decided to stay put. I fell deeply in love with Montana and was more than content to stay there.

I married Deborah Butterwick in 1974. She was a friend of a girl I was infatuated with -- but who had no interest in me. Over time, Deb and I grew close and started dating. Two years later we were engaged.

I worked several years for the U.S. Forest Service doing many jobs, including recreation management, fire fighting, wildlife studies and timber marking. It was great work, but the job market was not very good so much of my work was seasonal.

In 1978 I returned to the University of Montana Graduate School to study land use planning.

From 1979 through 1986 I worked in land use planning in Missoula. Most of that time I was in the midst of contentious issues regarding developments, zoning, etc. I learned a lot about politics and public speaking during those years, but did not enjoy the neverending conflict between neighbors.

I began volunteering with an organization called Prison Fellowship (founded by former Nixon counsel Charles Colson) in 1977. It was very gratifying work and I continued volunteering until I was invited to come on staff in 1986.

In 1986 we moved to Oregon to open an office for Prison Fellowship. I love this work - seeing lives restored is so inspiring, and many of the men and women I first met as prisoners are now out and serving as volunteers. Over time, my responsibilities have grown and I now serve as Area Director for the Northwest, so I spend time in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Utah, Idaho, and Montana.

Deb and I have three great children: Kathryn, Nathan, and Amy. They are now grown. We also have two granddaughters named Lexi and Quincey.

School Story:

I have wonderful memories of being on the wrestling team (133 pound weight class) and on the diving team. The coaches were superb, (especially Wes Fisher, Ed Hart, and Paul Bataille) and the things I learned from them shaped my life.

I enjoyed all of my teachers at Paly! I was particularly impressed by Mr. Thornton, Margaret Flanders (does anyone know how to contact her?), Mr. Bergstrom, and Mrs. Walsh. I wish we could find out what has become of them on this website!

My years at Paly were so wonderful. I have so many memories of conversations in the amphitheater, shuffling through the halls, and hanging out with friends. Thank you all for contributing to those memories!

Elementary Schools Attended:

Other: Hollenbeck Elementary School in Sunnyvale (forestry major)

Junior High School


Colleges Attended

I graduated from the University of Montana in 1976 with a Bachelor of Science in Resource Conservation degree.

I nearly completed work on a Masters Degree in Land Use Planning from the University of Montana but stopped short of that degree (12 credits to go) in order to come on staff with Prison Fellowship.

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This shot was taken on 12/26/10 at a Rockettes Christmas event in Portland. Pictured with my are my wife Deb and my youngest daughter Amy.
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I love garden projects. In this photo I was taking down a 65 foot tall cedar deodora in our Salem yard (it was planted too close to the house). The ladder below me is fifteen feet in length. After taking down the tree I dug out the stump. (See next photo)
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It took two or three days to dig out the stump. I replaced this tree with a smaller Raywood Ash...
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I walked my daughter Amy down the aisle on September 23, 2012.
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Amy and her husband Robert, along with Deb and me.
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Mark H. Hubbell

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Light My Way: Prison Fellowship Ministry

Prison Fellowship Aftercare: The day is coming when I will be released from prison, I'm scared. How will I make it? Who would hire me? I want to be the mother Jesus created me to be, can I resist the temptation of drugs? I need a Church home to help me be strong, will they accept me? Jesus please, "Light My Way."